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GRAB-O- MATIC drum handling solution is another important product of AKBERALI & SONS in Material Handling Technology.

St. Clare Engineering Limited, a UK based company introduced GRAB-O- MATIC in 1958. GRAB-O- MATIC offers all types and sizes of drum handlers and lifters as per the job requirement of customers. They have drum handlers and lifters to lift STEEL, uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), FIBRE and WOODEN drums. No matter what is the nature of the job, GRAB-O- MATIC attachments can make every task EASY, SIMPLE and SWIFT.

GRAB-O-MATIC offers through AKBERALI & SONS a wide range of attachments such as Drum Handlers, Drum Cages, Reel Rotator, Door Scissor Grabs, Box Rotator, Short Jibs, QR Drum Cages, Small Spools Reels, Single Drum Racks, Halfway Vertical Drum Lifter, Reel Lifter, Reel Trolley, Wheel Transfer Kit, Gas Bottle Fork Platform and Ramps.

These attachments can be easily connected to any brand of forklift