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Grove All Terrain Crane – GMK2035E

  • Four-section full-power boom
  • EKS 4 LMI system
  • Outrigger pads stow within width of crane
  • 50- and 100-percent outrigger spreads

Grove’s most compact all terrain, the GMK2035E combines a 35 USt capacity with a 95 ft four-section, full-power boom. Maneuvering around jobsites is easy, thanks to the 275 HP Mercedes engine. Mid-span and full-span outriggers offer maximum flexibility.

Additional Information

Max Capacity

40 t
(44.1 USt)

Main Boom Length

29 m
(95.1 ft)

Max Tip Height

46 m
(150.9 ft)

Total Gross Vehicle Weight

24,000 kg
(52,910 lb)


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