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Grove All Terrain Crane – GMK3050-1

  • Exclusive MEGATRACK suspension
  • Five-section full power boom
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Outrigger pads stow within width of crane
  • Aluminum superstructure and carrier cabs

This three-axle, 55-ton all-terrain crane offers users a five-section, full-power boom. Crane controls are fully electronic with an integrated LMI and engine management system. Features of this newly re-designed crane include an acoustically-lined cab, tinted safety glass, a fully adjustable seat and ergonomically arranged instrumentation.

Additional Information

Max Capacity

50 t
(55 USt)

Main Boom Length

38 m
(125 ft)

Max Tip Height

55 m
(181 ft)

Total Gross Vehicle Weight

36000 kg
(79366 lb)


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