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Grove All Terrain Crane – GMK5250L

  • VIAB turbo clutch enables wear-free starting and braking.
  • Logistic benefits due to interchangeable counterweight slabs and self-rigging auxiliary hoist.
  • 21 m swingaway with jib and/or boom inserts. Maximum 37m length and up to 50° off set.
  • Lower operating costs due to 30% less diesel consumption on the driveline.
  • Higher utilization from unmatched load charts usually offered by 6 axle cranes.
  • Manitowoc Crane Care – The assurance of the world’s most advanced crane service an support to get you back to work fast.


The most powerful and versatile five-axle crane in the market, the new GMK5250L lets you dominate the competition with performance capabilities that include highest-rated capacity, best load chart in its class, best maneuverability, quickest set-up time and most operator comfort and convenience in its class.

Additional Information

Max Capacity

250 t
(300 USt)

Main Boom Length

70 m
(230 ft)

Max Tip Height

110 m
(360.9 ft)

Total Gross Vehicle Weight

60000 kg
(132277 lb)


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