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Grove Yardboss Industrial Crane – YB5515 (Dual Fuel)

  • 93 bhp (69.3 Kw) G.M. dual fuel engine
  • Four speed speed syncromesh transmission
  • Three-section full-power boom with optional manual fourth section
  • Quick reeve main block
  • Two wheel, four wheel and crab steer
  • Two or four wheel drive

The YB5515 dual fuel industrial crane offers a versatile dual-fuel engine and two main boom options: a three-section, full-power 41 ft boom or the optional manual four-section, 52 ft boom. Multiple steering modes and ergonomic crane controls complete this 15 USt capacity industrial crane.

Additional Information

Max Capacity

13,6 t
(15 USt)

Main Boom Length

5,6 m – 12,5 m
(18.5 ft – 41 ft)

Boom Extension

4.6 m
(15 ft)

Total Gross Vehicle Weight

12376.3 kg
(27285 lb)

Max Tip Height

21.3 m
(70 ft)


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