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Sequencer – Hawker Accessories

Our High-Frequency Charger Remote Device is designed for easy operation of all Hawker chargers when they are mounted out of reach or in a difficult location. The device dimensions are 4-5/8” tall x 2-3/4” wide x 1” deep.

  • The High-Frequency Remote Device features:
  • Start/Stop & Equalize buttons
  • Charging & Complete Indicator lights
  • Plugs into connector in charger chassis
  • Standard 15’ cable
    • *available in different cable lengths up to 100’ for additional cost
  • Remote Installation Kits available (see download)
    • *Note that charger must be ordered as “Remote Ready”. If not, an additional remote installation kid is required.


The HAWKER Sequencer is a charger control device that allows the user to charge up to four batteries, in sequence, utilizing only a single charger without supervision from an operator and indicates when a specific battery is available for use.


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