A&S is focused on meeting the customers requirements with innovative solutions for their everyday jobs. We offer a spectrum of machines and equipment which complement the efforts of our customers in undertaking various difficult tasks. To achieve this goal the Sales Team at A&S is devoted to suggest the most technologically advanced and cost effective solutions.

Going through the phase of growth and development, A&S Sales Team constantly investigates the global market to introduce the latest and innovative solutions for its customers in Pakistan. The Team is focused at capitalizing all new product opportunities and is trained to bring the best possible solution to the customers at their doorstep. Having this objective in mind, A&S has emerged as one of the leading providers of a wide range of machines and equipment’s that represent some of the finest in global technology. Over a period of time A&S has developed a loyal customer base who lay their trust on our industry expertise and ability to fulfill our commitment of providing timely after sales service.

We employ expert sales consultants and qualified technical personnel, who have been trained and certified in relation to our product range and help the customer identify the best quality product, provide sales consultancy and aftersales service to the customers. You are welcome to contact our Sales Team for further assistance. Send an Email