The Management


Our success lies in our diversity, which contributes immensely to the growth of the Group. Each year, a different division sees the most success. Business growth is not our destination but rather a journey and every day we look forward to a new goal coupled with spearheading turnaround and growth strategies providing extremely valuable guidance to Aayag.

We love to treasure the smiles of our customers ’with our meritorious services and endeavor to grow in an organization offering reliable, world-class products to our customers as they continue to expect the very best from us.

Also would like to thank my team and our valued customers, for their trust in business and let you know that we’re proud to be your link to a brighter future.

Siraj Uddin A. Jackwala



My vision is to see AAYAG grow steadily in the coming years and reaching heights in the future. We foster long term relationships with our clients and will continue to set the standards in quality and cooperate value of our products, operational expertise, investment in people; thereby demonstrating integrity, transparency and responsibility in the communities which we operate.

We at Aayag believe that as a global company we need to work hard together as a team by valuing the differences amongst us and establish a platform for creativity, innovation and problem solving. Our commitment to Pakistan, our deep local knowledge, our strategies and experience, our long term focus and our core values will help us on this ambitious and exciting journey.

I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued customers, support of our employees and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of the organization.

Ali Asghar S. Jackwala



Since establishment, We at Aayag have proud distinction of offering widest possible range of products for all industrial and cooperate sector that has lead us to become a strong organization that our customers can entrust. We have faced many challenging situations and have always countered them successfully with its operational efficiency and best management of human capital and would like to thank all my employees for being the backbone of the organization and proving that we exist for a purpose- a purpose to surpass our customer’s expectations

The testimonials received; are great motivators and help our businesses grow and gain footholds in the cooperate markets. I would like to express my deep gratitude and indebtedness to them and hope to improve each day to serve you better.

Combining innovation and execution is what Aayag future seeks and upholds with the wide vision to gain long term sustainability in their efforts and thriving technologies for the years to come.

Fazal Abbas S. Jackwala